In-house developers for own and clients needs
For 4 years of working we have developed proprietary software to cover all needs in the field of advertising, traffic and financial analytics. To maximize the profits of our customers, we have developed a billing system, traffic analytics systems, antifraud platform, traffic automation and optimization systems, CPI / CPA / CPC networks, and more than 10 projects that increase the profitability of any advertising campaign.
Connection to any payment system in 1 hour
The billing system will allow you to connect any payment solution and configure its backup alternatives, make and send payments both manually and automatically, configure any backup solutions and delimit access on any parameter
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Rapid integrations
Connections are configured in the admin panel in a few clicks.
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Any payment
Cards, Mobile, One-time payments, Subscriptions, Crypto
No need to pay for full platform if you need only some modules
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How do we
Following strict development rules allows us to create high-quality products in an accelerated timeframe without sacrificing the efficiency and budget of the project
Analytics and business requirements analysis

Analytics and business requirements analysis

At the first stage, a team leader is selected, who discusses with the business representative the requirements for the project, together with the customer selects technologies to be used and helps to get rid of unnecessary details that may complicate the development process without generating additional benefits.


The project and the technical task of the developer is written in several stages, which allows you to start the work of the next stage, without waiting for the end of the development of the entire TT. Development using modern approaches.
Development using modern approaches

Development using modern approaches

Communications in the work are built so that only departments that understand each other great could communicate with each other. This eliminates the misunderstanding between the customer and the developers, all tasks along the way are interpreted in the form most understandable to both parties. At the same time, the use of modern technical approaches allows you to create a truly sustainable product that meets the challenges of modern competition.
Monitoring and support

Monitoring and support

Any project undergoes a regular review code, which allows it to remain up to date after several years. Regardless of the needs of the client, all our developments are monitored around the clock, which allows to report their malfunction in time even after several years of operation. The project team leader regularly analyzes the market for innovations in the area of the finished product and offers on time improvements.
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