We engage “your” users with mobile application.
We firmly believe that every advertiser wants to attract useful users by an app, so that they return and show strong loyalty. We are media-buying team of designers and analysts and we assist in buying and understanding advertisements in Facebook and Google environments.
User sees our ad in Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, tap on it and gets into Google Play or Apple Store pages. After it intsallation process takes place.
See our ad in Facebook/Messenger/Instagram
Click on ad
Install promoted application
Clearly identified working processes milestones help finding an approach to every offering party.
Application research
We study inner functionality of every application before the process begins. It allows us to understand a structure, a product itself and monetization better.
A team of motion- and general designers of TT media-buying prepare promotion materials of all formats for placements testing.
Advertising campaign negotiation with an advertiser
All promotional materials are agreed with an advertiser and produced according to the brand book in compliance with all legal and aesthetic requirements
Soft launch
All creative processes, limited by daily caps, are launched in order to understand CR in various formats and advertising platforms
Scaling of best campaigns, increasing daily workloads while preserving overall quality, an ability to switch over to CPA-model with payment options for app in-built services.
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